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                                                                                  Agenda at A Glance

Day One


Policies, Trends and Innovation in the Energy Storage Industry

Opening Keynote: Navigating the Future, Probing the Future of Our Energy System

Market Trends: New Energy Outlook 2020

Policy: Energy Storage, PV, Renewable Energy

CEO Panel 1: Understanding the Market Globally

Energy Storage is the Future: Role of Storage in Grid Transformation

China & Global Trends in PV Technology and Market

Innovation: The Digital Disruption of the Energy Industry and Why We Need to Embrace It Now

CEO Panel 2: Key Projects, Innovations, Business Models and Policies Facing Energy Storage

Day One


Latest Energy Storage Application Practice and Value

International Project Showcase

Energy Storage + Photovoltaic/New Energy (Part 1)

Commercial and Industrial Applications: How To Apply Energy Storage Technologies In Commercial And Industrial Applications

Electric Power System Considerations, Existing Applications, and Future Opportunities for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Microgrid: Application of Energy Storage in Microgrids

Microgrid: Smart Microgrid System Design and Optimization

Microgrid: Harnessing Innovative Microgrid Solutions

Energy Storage Power Station: Independent Battery Energy Storage Power Station Solution

Energy Storage Power Station: Management and Operation of Intelligent Energy Storage Power Station

"Gas Genset + Energy Storage" Microgrid Model

Battery and Gas Turbine Hybrid Energy Storage System

California Experience: What Can China Energy Storage Learn?

Enel: The 10-megawatt-hour Battery Energy Storage System for Russian Railway Network

KEPCO: KEPCOs Energy Storage System Projects For Frequency Regulation

TEPCO: Roles of Future Utility Industries to Decarbonize the Society

EDF: EDF' Next Wave of Investment in Energy Storage-How The Technologies and Business Models Support Its Big Ambition

ENGIE: Commercial and Grid-Scale Energy Storage

Go Global: Intl Energy Storage Case Studies for Innovative Solutions

Panel: China & Global Projects Experience Exchange

Renewables: Identifying The Key Opportunities for Energy Storage as An Enabler to Renewable Energy

Energy storage + Distributed Energy

Solar & Storage A Practical Guide of  the Project From Construction Through to Operation and Maintenance

Shifting the Winds in Your Favor With Energy Storage

How to Combine Solar Cell and Energy Storage Battery Organically?

Hybrid Solar + Wind + Storage Plants - Community Storage

Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Micro-grid with Wind-solar-gas Turbine Generation

Day Two


Battery Energy Storage

Market Analysis, Business Model and Finance

Energy Storage + Photovoltaic/New Energy (Part 2)

Global Battery Markets and Energy Storage

Lithium-ion Battery: Potential Improvements of Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery Technologies

Developments in Nanotechnology for Energy Storage

Solid State Batteries-Developing A Better All-solid-state Battery Without Liquid

Technology Coordinator of Batteries & Supercaps Towards Competitive Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Technology and Economics of Power Battery Cascade Utilization

What's New for Batteries, Virtual Battery and Cloud Battery

Brainstorm: How Do Battery Companies Layout Energy Storage?

Specific Market Segment Analysis of the Energy Storage Application

Innovative Business Models for Unlocking Storage Value

Energy Storage Project Economics through Optimized Energy Storage System Design

Energy storage product standards, safety certification and global access New Financing: Mergers and acquisitions at expansion age, M&A=Winning Formula?

Business Models Investment and Revenue Stacking

Digging the Hottest Markets and Fields for Energy Storage Investment

Panel: How do energy storage companies achieve profitability

How Policy Impacts Solar + Storage Corporate and Project

How to Size Solar + Storage Projects

Solar-Plus-Storage: A New Dawn for Renewables

Emerging Markets for Large-scale Solar PV and Energy Storage

Smart Energy, Distributed Energy Storage

Photovoltaic Electric Vehicle Battery Swap Station Demonstration Project

What Kind of Energy Storage System is Needed for Photovoltaic Power Generation?-- A New Generation of Photovoltaic Power Generation Energy Storage Technology

Day Two


Latest Breakthrough in Energy Storage Technology

Energy Storage & Electric Cars

Energy Storage/New Energy Application of Frontier Technology Innovation

A Technical Perspective in Developing an Energy Storage Project

Power-to-Gas: Enabling Large-Scale Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Grid Connectivity: A Power-to-Gas Approach

Energy Storage and Graphene


Liquid Air Energy StorageLAES

New Routes Towards High Energy and Fast-Charging Energy Storage Systems

Hydrogen Storage Technology Updates and Development

Thermal Energy Storage

Hybrid Energy Storage: Study on Hybrid Energy Storage System of Thermal Energy Storage - Battery, Battery - Battery, Supercapacitor - Battery and Its Application Prospect

The Future of Electric Vehicles: Mobile Energy Storage Devices

EV Charging Station and Development of ES System Industrialization

Electrical Energy Storage in Focus of E-Mobility

Battery Storage trends in electric cars

Application of micro-network system in vehicle energy storage

Innovative energy storage technology for electric vehicles

Showcase: Using EV Batteries as Renewable Energy Storage for Office Buildings/Household

Internet + energy storage: smart energy storage operation and practice

Block chain + distributed clean energy + energy storage technology and application

Energy Internet practice: state grid energy storage cloud

Energy Storage As-a-Service

Peer-to-peer Networks Enable The Sharing of Battery Capacity As A New Models

Releasing the Potential of Energy Storage with Big Data

From Utility Supply to Integrated Energy Services