CESS2017 Highlights

Last year, the energsy storage was listed into China's 13th Five-year Plan project list. In March 2017, the National Energy Board issued the Opinion on Guidance of Promoting Energy Storage Technology and Industrial Development(Draft for Comments). In May 2017, 28 new energy micro-grid demonstration projects included in the Notice on New Energy Micro-Grid Demonstration Projects List were approved. In July 2017, the projects of Study and Integration Demonstration of Intelligent Micro-Grid Key Technologies Based on Distributed Energy in 863 Projects were accepted. All indicate that China’s energy storage has been rapidly developing. Energy storage technology is a key factor to support stable operation of traditional electricity, promote the synchronization and accommodation of renewable energy sources and support development of the distributed energy, micro-grid, electric automobile and energy internet. Under the circumstance that China has been gradually implementing its support policies and carrying out electric power system reforming, commercial and technical outbreak of China’s energy storage will occur. 

Based on successful completion of the pervious three summits, the 4th Annual China Energy Storage Innovation & Technology Summit(CESS2017) has gradually become a symbolic well-known event of energy storage industry in the second half of each year. It does not only provide a platform where energy storage industry leaders and technical experts at home and abroad can share the business cases and exchange advanced technology, but becomes an important stage where a batch of outstanding energy storage enterprises show their brands to the participants.   The summit this year will be based on the internationalization, high standard and pragmatic spirit, and take "focusing on the global business innovation and laying out China's energy storage market" as the core theme. The participants are expected to be 600+ leaders and experts of energy storage industry throughout the world from power grid corporations, power generation groups, developers and manufacturers of renewable energy, electricity research institute, government policy institutions, energy storage technology solutions provider, industrial and commercial users, users of communication base stations, energy storage system integrators, battery manufacturers, electric carmaker, optical storage charging pile construction units, detection and monitoring operators, investment and financing and consulting enterprises. They gather here together to discuss commercial development of energy storage in China.

  • Race to Control the Energy Storage Commanding Point
    Race to Control the Energy Storage Commanding Point

    Financing the Future of Energy Storage. How should batter enterprises make proper layout for energy storage? What’s the best Strategy? In the context of energy technology revolution, how can energy st...

  • Innovations of Energy Storage Technology
    Innovations of Energy Storage Technology

    The important role of innovations in boosting the development of energy storage technologyWhat are the challenges of energy storage market? What lessons do we learn from the experience of Europe, the ...

  • The Commercialization of Energy Storage
    The Commercialization of Energy Storage

    Energy storage technology for electric vehicles. Experience in the Commercialization Modes for New Energy. Why energy storage and micro-grid are considered as the accelerator to energy transformation?



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