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CESS2018 Highlights

Based on successful completion of the previous four summits, the 5th Annual China Energy Storage Innovation & Technology Summit(CESS2018) has become a symbolic well-known event of energy storage industry in the second half of each year. It does not only provide a platform where energy storage industry leaders and technical experts at home and abroad can share the business cases and exchange advanced technology, but becomes an important stage where a batch of outstanding energy storage enterprises show their brands to the participants.

CESS2018 will continue the internationalization and the whole industrial coverage of previous conferences, focusing on the newest business model and cutting-edge technology innovation, sharing the global business case and practical application.

CESS2018 will take "Energy Storage, Is the Future" as the core theme. The participants are expected to be 800+ leaders and experts of energy storage industry throughout the world from power grid corporations, power generation groups, developers and manufacturers of renewable energy, electricity research institute, government policy institutions, energy storage technology solutions provider, industrial and commercial users, users of communication base stations, energy storage system integrators, battery manufacturers, electric carmaker, optical storage charging pile construction units, detection and monitoring operators, investment and financing and consulting enterprises. They gather here together to discuss commercial development of energy storage in China.


  • Race to Control the Energy Storage Commanding Point
    Race to Control the Energy Storage Commanding Point

    Energy storage now faces a golden opportunity, but opportunities and challenges coexist.High cost, Products and Technology are difficult to standardize, complex requirements for market access technolo...

  • Innovations of Energy Storage Technology
    Innovations of Energy Storage Technology

    Energy storage technology for electric vehicles. Experience in the Commercialization Modes for New Energy. Why energy storage and micro-grid are considered as the accelerator to energy transformation?

  • Hot topics frontier exploration
    Hot topics frontier exploration

    Distributed renewable Energy, Smart Grid, Auxiliary Services, Energy Storage + Photovoltaic, Battery Technology, the Latest Cutting-Edge Technology Applications (Internet + Energy Storage, Block Chain...

  • The Commercialization of Energy Storage
    The Commercialization of Energy Storage

    How did Germany, America, Japan, Korea, Australia and other countries develop energy storage?What are their policies and mechanisms?What are the profit points of their excellent enterprises?Global Lea...


  • 1300+ Global Attendees
    1300+ Global Attendees

  • 100+ Speakers
    100+ Speakers

  • 60+ Luxury Booths
    60+ Luxury Booths

  • 80+ Industry Medias
    80+ Industry Medias



  • CESS2017 Review

    CESS2017 attracted more than 450 people from government agencies, energy storage projects, power Power Grid Corp, power generation group, electricity academy, new energy generation operators, energy storage technology solutions provider, energy storage system integrator, battery manufacturer, electric car dealer, charging..

  • CESS2016

    With the theme of'Race to Control the Energy Storage Commanding Point',the first-ever conference is a unique opportunity to engage in an in-depth look at the drivers for storage and be a part of shaping the future of the industry. This two-day summit brings...

  • CESS2015

    CESS2015 is the global meeting place for energy storage professionals, with 35+ expert speakers, 300+ professional attendees, addressed the topics across Energy Storage and Global Market Update, Energy Storage Technology Innovation Batterie...

Who should attend


    • ACE Events
    • Australia Energy Storage Alliance
    • Energy Storage Association
    • 德国储能协会
      • 德国莱茵TUV
        • 正泰电源系统
        • 欣旺达
        • 天诚同创
        • 金风科技
          • GCL
          • 锦浪科技
          • hyd
          • 中天科技
          • 爱康科技
          • 南都
          • 特变电工
          • vacant position
          • vacant position
          • SOLARGIS
            • Apricum Group
            • Hydrogenics
            • 北京低碳清洁能源研究所
            • 江苏中天华宇智能科技有限公司
            • 宁波锦浪新能源科技股份有限公司
            • 江苏启能新能源材料有限公司
            • 上海大周信息科技有限公司
            • 苏州协鑫集成储能
            • 西北电力设计院有限公司
            • 长兴太湖能谷科技有限公司
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